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Junk, Trash, Rubbish, Debris Haulers

Haulers of Junk, Trash, Rubbish, Debris, or whatever you want to call it.  We haul it all!  Whether you have a small pile of tree or shrubbery trimmings, an old couch or mattress you want removed, or a large area filled with remodeling debris, maybe a complete remodeling pile of debris, a house full of tons of stuff, we have the vehicles and man power to remove it all.  We know where all the recycling and public dumps are and what the fees are, for all items, to be able to give you an accurate firm price.  We are licensed by the County Sheriff with the special license required for hauling, and we carry this license in our vehicles at all times, for your inspection.  We work with Realtors, property managers, contractors, banks and the general public.  We can give rough estimates from photos and confirm our pricing upon visiting the location.  By using a properly licensed hauling company, you can rest assured that all items will be properly disposed.


We haul anything, including tires, TVs, appliances such as washers, dryers and refrigerators, night stands, flooring, toys, roofing, remodeling debris, tires, electronics, hot tubs, paint, concrete, dirt, lumber, mattresses, chemicals, desks, tables, carpets, yard waste, clothing, bed frames, brick, rock, or whatever else you have that is not listed here.


We have the right equipment for virtually all types of items, using less man power to unload at the various dump locations, keeping our cost down, thereby keeping our prices very competitive. We have the man power needed for any size job with any type of material needed to be hauled.


Types of Junk:


Bulky & Special Handling

Specialty Items

Household items will include such items as desks, tables, bed frames, night stands and other such basic furniture, carpets, flooring, clothing, toys, yard waste and debris.

Bulky and special handling items will usually consist of concrete, dirt, rock, bricks, and will also consist of larger items such as lumber, roofing, and  other items resulting from a remodeling project.

Specialty items include, but not limited to: Tires, Mattresses, Electronics, Chemicals, Refrigerators, Appliances, Hot Tubs, Washers, Dryers, and other items that may include dump fees above the normal fees.

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